Our story in short

The story of Inary is a story of love. The story began when our founder Tim Rosevik seek and tried to find something that is truly unique, classy, high end, traditional and yet something new and extraordinary. Something that at the same time would strike a conversation but would stay hidden in the plain sight. 

A idea to create a 24 K gold ring for engagement ring was born. The purity is unmatched, it is something that not everyone has, but still does not draw unwanted attention. So Tim went and created his first 24 K ring ever to propose his long time partner. Tim also seek himself a masculine ring that would be classy and masculine and made a gold ring to match his style.  

We wanted to open this same opportunity for wider audience and created inary.com. Every ring is hand crafted in Northern-Europe, Scandinavia. We use recycled gold to be as much environmently friendly as possible. 


The name

Our name Inary is closely related to Inari, an area in Finland with famous gold rivers where the legendary gold diggers made gold expiditions. We are located in Inari and surrounding areas in the summer months. 


The gold 

Our creations comes in many forms and gold purities. We offer you with 24k, 23k 22k and 20k. We source recycled gold to save the environment. We also offer our creations in platinum in 24K (99.9%) purity and 22K (99.56%) purity. 

All our items are hallmarked in Finland and we guarantee the stated purity. We are registered and regulated by the Finnish authorities. 


The products

It is up to you yo udecide the purity. We execute your wishes to the finest details. All our produts are hand made and due to hand mande nature might show imperfections making each product unique. We individually create every prodcut to order. We don't use any casting techniques to skip steps in the process and we dont use any solder in products to make them evenly strong.